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Designing Offices

Designing Offices

Office design is our specialty.
We are aware, that they are to be – above all – a convenient place for efficient and creative work,
therefore our priority is the functionality of the office and its aesthetic qualities.
Employees will certainly appreciate the space that is comfortable, makes work easier as well supports easy and fast communication.

When designing an office, we highly value the needs of employers.
In our outlines, we take into consideration the profile of the company and the cost efficiency of the office maintenance.
Our solutions are ecological, practical and in line with the latest trends in interior design.
We also adapt the design to corporate guidelines.


Office Design

We create modern office spaces. We focus on functional solutions, emphasize the characteristics of the company and combine creativity with ergonomics.



We design hotel facilities as well as restaurants. If you are after a unique place for your business, we will gladly design it for you.



We are experienced in designing beauty parlours. We understand the importance of details in this type of objects.

Offices should not only provide comfortable workspace, low maintenance costs or great functionality.
Above all, they represent the profile of the business activities of a given company and
its approach towards employees.
They essentially create the company’s image and help build brand awareness among present and potential customers.
Designing office interiors in an individualized manner and in accordance with the latest standards also adds to the prestige of the company’s seat.
We can assure that an office that we design will become the best showcase of your company.


We provide comprehensive services, from the creation of an idea to finalizing the order.
Interior design of offices is a process that begins with the development of a conceptual plan,
followed by an executive project , selection of equipment and elements of spatial identification.


The interior designer, responsible for the order, will be in constant contact with you at all stages of the work, to meet all your needs and expectations.
The designer will be there to help you make decisions on key issues, and support you with their knowledge and experience in similar projects.


We approach each project as a unique challenge with lots of creative ideas,
taking the unusual routes. We are open to unconventional orders,
custom requests and even most demanding expectations.