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Large size tiles

Large size tiles – what are they?
Large size tiles refers both to ceramic as well tiles of the size exceeding 1600 square centimetres. The smallest dimensions are 30×60 cm in case of rectangular shape and 60×60 cm, if square. However, in the market there are even larger, more impressive formats available. If looking for an extra- large size, one can find even them in size 100×300 cm.


The advantages of large size tiles
Large size tiles made of ceramics or sandstone tiles are very popular for being easy in use and durable.  Another advantage is that they provide large and even surface, which in many cases adds to the general esthetics of interiors. Large format tiles are perfect for minimalistic and modern interiors.
Their large surface makes them a subtle decoration on their own. For example, when applied to a part of a wall or floor, the tile will mark out in the given area. Should we decide not to use a traditional carpet under the side table, but still needed a part of a room mark out and attract attention, we can apply tiles in contrasting colours or in interesting pattern. This will make the given part of the floor visually become the interior’s first plan.


The richness of design
The multiplicity of design makes the large size tiles match both modern and classical interiors. One can choose between tiles which are plain and rich in design. Patterned tiles are a decoration on their own, but we should bear in mind they may make the interior look smaller than it actually is.


When large size tiles are not a good solution?
Although innovative and popular, large size tiles are not suitable for all interiors. When are they not suitable?
The large size tiles look better in large areas. If a given area is relatively small, applying large size tiles can emphasize the drawback. As a result, a small room will look even less spacious, and the effect will be the opposite of what we  intended.

Risk or simplification ?
Those of us who think that large size tiles are easy and quick to assemble, may be disappointed. In fact, extra-large size tiles require far more precision during installation than the smaller ones, and mistakes resulting from the lack of precision will be more visible here. Another factor to be considered is the weight of the tiles. If the foundation is not prepared properly, tiles may break. Therefore, in order to ensure the expected result of modern, esthetical and spacious interior, it is better to leave the task to specialists.