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Loft accommodation

Loft accommodation – typical features and design?

Loft style is becoming more and more popular in Poland, for its minimalism combined with the rough style, reverting to the building’s history. It is worth mentioning, that when designing interior in this style is one, one the one hand we aim at simplifying, but on the other, on furnishing with designers’ furniture and accessories.


How it all started
the history of lofts goes back to the 1950s of the 20th century. This is when the innovation of adapting former factories and warehouses into accommodations started. Lofts, with competitively low rental rates, soon became popular among artists, who used them not only as their atelier, but also for accommodation, with large open spaces and high ceilings being their biggest advantage. Another asset was the lighting, thanks to high windows, typical in commercial buildings of this kind. With time, lofts started to be the indication of good style and luxury.  Currently, some of the most prestigious investments are desgned in the loft style.


Postindustrial climate of the loft interiors
Flats arranged in the loft style are a unique combination of austerity, reverting to the history of former factories, with a very modern design and attention to the smallest details. Nothing is accidental here. The interiors are open, not limited by any unnecessary partition walls. This gives the impression of the flat being bigger and more spacious. Interiors with high ceilings, with a number of large windows, are the features that differentiate the loft style from other styles.
What makes the atmosphere of the place unique? First of all, reverting to the history of the building, by exposing raw brick walls and original installations.  Then, combining them with modern furniture in futuristic shapes, which not only reinforces the contrast, but also the character and historical features of the building.


Loft style in modern interiors
While displaying all the natural advantages of the building, which has been adapted from a production hall, a warehouse, or a production plant etc. to serve as an accommodation, is relatively easy, the loft style has been implemented to modern interiors. In such case, the historical spirit needed to be built from the scratch. How can this be achieved? The simplest solution is to expose one of the walls of the flat, by stylized bricks or architectural concrete, or leaving the wall in the crude condition. Exposing all possible pipes and installation, referring to the atmosphere of old factories, can add a special flavour to this modern design interior. Metal combined with aged wood, can be another strong element. The spirit of loft, can also be achieved by large, open spaces and good lighting. For this reason, windows should remain rough, with no curtains or blinds.


Key element –  toned colour scheme
When introducing the modern, loft style, one should remember about o balanced, toned colour scheme. The best is a mix of pure white combined with shades of greys and browns. Applying this moderate palette of colours will make the interior look austere but spacious and clean. Warm browns will make the flat look more cosy. Thanks to such colouring, a minimalist interior will be visually overwhelmed and each details will be perfectly exposed.
Furniture made of natural wood match best rough loft interiors. Strong coloured accessories, should make a mark that enlivens the flat, and create a special aura.